“Thornbury Sewer Project Complete”

    Eight years ago Thornbury township sat down to plan and discuss the College Hill sewer project, a project that would tie 32 homes in the College Hill neighborhood to Cheyney University’s wastewater treatment facility. This $567,000 sewer project solved two problems; first, some of the homes in College Hill had septic systems that were contaminating nearby wells, and second, the University’s wastewater treatment plant needed more flow to operate efficiently. 

    At the start of the project the township only had approximately $50,000 to spend in their sewer fund. Although this seemed to be a minor setback since the project would cost an estimated $550,000, the voices of the township and the university turned to Joe Sestak, who at the time was a U.S. Congressman for the 7th district. In 2009, Sestak and his staff acquired a $242,000 Environmental Protection Agency grant for the township and university and the project was launched.

    Senator Dominic Pileggi also stepped up to the plate. In 2011 he helped the township receive a $275,000 safe water grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. 

    These two grants, along with other contributions from the township and residents,  finalized the money for the project. Township supervisor Michael Gast stated, “The successful execution of the College Hill Sewer Project is a wonderful example of cooperation between local government, Cheyney University and our state and federal elected officials.” 

    On Thursday, Jan. 17 the completion of the project called for a celebration as Cheyney University held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the residents and elected officials. Gast explained, “This is a little celebration of a little project for big people. It impacts the lives, health and value of the neighborhood for 32 families.” 

    With the red ribbon cut and all the piping laid in the ground the next step is to tie each home into the system from the street.

    See the full article in the Daily Local: