Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumping

Proper Maintenance of Your System Helps Prevent Emergencies and Will Help to Sell Your Home because Your System will Last Longer!

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Operated by Eldredge Septic Companies LLC provides:

Cleaning/ Pumping and 11 Point Inspection of:

  • Septic Tanks
  • Aeration Tanks
  • Cesspools
  • Seepage Pits

Wastewater Transportation and Disposal of:

  • External Grease Traps
  • Pump Stations
  • Holding Tanks
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Wastewater from Manufacturing Processes 
  • Leachate from Municipal Landfills

‚ÄčIt Does Matter Who Provides Septic Tank Cleaning for Your System

The reason for cleaning is removing the solids and inspecting for the baffles (some older systems do not have or require baffles).  Eldredge Septic Companies removes all the solids or provides solutions for all the solids to be removed and checks the baffles.

Our Team would be happy to provide solutions which will help your Septic System last longer. Please Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

Four major factors influence the frequency of pumping:

The number of people in your household, the amount of wastewater generated (based on the number of people in the household and the amount of water used), the volume of solids in the wastewater (for example, using a garbage disposal increases the amount of solids), and septic tank size. Every septic tank requires periodic pumping.

Your Septic System will have excessive solids as a result of not cleaning on a proper maintenance schedule.  The Septic Tank acts as a filter for your absorption area and needs to be cleaned to remove solids.  Solids that build up in the tank can pass into the absorption area if they are not removed from the Septic Tank on a continuous maintenance plan.

Do you know how often you should be pumping your septic systemRecommended Cleaning/Pumping Maintenance

Cleaning/Pumping Maintenance Recommendations will vary depending on the number of occupants, system components and appliances utilized. Recommend Cleaning/Pumping on a Yearly Basis if You Have: 

  • Garbage disposal
  • Water Purification/Filtration system
  • Effluent filter
  • Cesspool or Seepage pit
  • 4 or more Occupants

Recommend Cleaning/Pumping on a Two or Three year basis if you have:

  • 3 or less Occupants and a septic tank with a Drainfield or Absorption Area.

Regular Maintenance will help prevent emergencies and Help you sell your home(if your system is maintained you should not have to replace with the sale) 

Recommendations are guidelines based on Averages. After having established a service relationship Eldredge Septic Companies can send reminders for Cleaning/Pumping for your individual system. As we provide service we will know if your system needs to be cleaned more frequently or less frequently then the averages.


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