Eldredge specializes in working on 1.5" – 4" pipes and offers the following pipe services:

  • Electric Snake Service
    • An electric snake service is required when a pipe between the house and the septic tank gets clogged.  It is also needed when the pipe between the septic tank and the drain field becomes clogged.  It’s important to use a heavy duty electric snake.  The size of the cable and the size of the cutter blade is important in doing a thorough job.  Our cables are 3/4”.  Our cutters are always ½” smaller than the inside diameter of the pipe.  Four inch pipes require a 3 ½” cutter blade.
      • Typical clogs are as follows:

        1. Roots
        2. Grease
        3. Sludge
        4. Disposable paper products
        5. Feminine products
        6. Rust build up in cast iron pipes.
        7. Toys
  • Sewer Jet Service
    • Sewer Jets are ideal for clearing clogs in pipes resulting from soft grease or sludge.  Sometimes both a snake and jet are needed to clear a clog
  • Camera Service
    • Camera's can help us to diagnose what and where the problem is without digging, which minimizes time, expense, and the mess!