There are two primary types of media filters in our service area: Sand filters and Peat filters

Sand filters:

  • Sand filters are used to polish effluent from septic tanks or aerobic treatment tanks prior to final dispersal.
  • The sand filter is a physical component consisting of an underdrained bed of sand
  • Pretreated effluent is applied to the top of the filter
  • Filtrate collected by the underdrain is distributed to final dispersal

Peat filters:

  • Peat filters consist of a distribution system, peat media, and an underdrain system.
  • Peat filters typically come in pre-fabricated modular units made of fiberglass or concrete.
  • Like sand filters, pretreated effluent is applied to the top of the filter, then collected by the underdrain for final dispersal


Media filters need maintenance to ensure proper treatment of the effluent, as well as prolonging the life of the filter media

  • The frequency of maintenance depends on many factors, ranging from monthly to once per year
  • Some manufacturers require maintenance to maintain the warranty on the filter
  • Some sand filters, if they've been neglected, can be treated with hydrogen peroxide to bring them back in service
  • The media will eventually need to be replaced

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