What is an on-lot sewage system?

On-lot sewage systems are composed of two primary parts: (1) septic tanks or an aerobic tank, and (2) an absorption area.  The septic tanks separate solids from the wastewater.  The heavy solids settle at the bottom of the tank and the lighter solids float on top of the wastewater.  The aerobic tank acting in place of the septic tanks utilizes air pumped into the tank in addition to the settling action of the septic tank.  The absorption area then utilizes the ability of the soil to filter and treat the remaining effluent before it reaches the water table.  By separating the solids, the septic tanks and/or aerobic tank protect the absorption area from becoming clogged.  Proper maintenance of the septic tank and/or the aerobic tank will prevent more costly problems with the absorption area.  

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