How can I eliminate a septic odor problem?

There are many causes of septic odors. The three most common sources are:

  • From your waste pipes
  • From the access openings on septic tanks and dosing tanks.
  • From malfunctioning septic systems which cause sewage to surface on the ground.

Solutions are as follows:

         Traps are designed to prevent odors from coming out of your waste pipes. If a sink or shower does not get used the water in the trap can evaporate, allowing odors to escape. The solution is to run water down the trap to fill it up. This is a very common problem and very easy to solve. 
Sometimes it is necessary to install a new trap between the septic tank and your house to prevent odors from coming out of your vent pipe in the roof. Down drafts can sometimes carry these odors to your backyard patio or deck. Another option is to install charcoal filters on the vents in the roof to absorb the odors. These filters have to be replaced periodically.

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