Your septic system has excessive solids as a result of not cleaning on a proper maintenance schedule. The septic tank acts as a filter for your absorption area and needs to be cleaned to remove solids. Solids that build up in the tank can pass into the absorption area if they are not removed from the septic tank on a continuous maintenance plan. The solids in your septic tank are excessive and we are unable to remove all of them this service. We removed as much as possible and it is necessary for you to use your facilities so the septic tank can fill up with effluent/wastewater again so we can extract all the solids. The Driver/Technician will note on the paperwork when the tank should be cleaned again. This is a recommendation that will help your system to work properly and
last longer.

Do excessive solids cause harm to your septic system?

Yes. When solids leave your septic tank they will create a bio-mate which does not allow the effluent/wastewater to drain thru the absorption system. Excessive solids in the septic tank can also mean that solids build up in the outlet line and laterals in the absorption area which does not allow the effluent/wastewater to drain properly.
Does this mean that my system has failed? No, not necessarily. We cannot control the past maintenance schedule.
What we can do is to remove all the solids and recommend a maintenance schedule that will help your septic system to last longer.

It does matter who provides septic tank cleaning for your system. The reason for cleaning is removing the solids and inspecting for the baffles (some older systems do not have or require baffles). Eldredge Septic Services removes all the solids or provides solutions for all the solids to be removed and checks the baffles. Our Team would be happy to provide solutions which will help your septic system last longer. Please call the office @ 610-918-8600 or 610-384- 6005 (Direct # for Repairs) with any questions or concerns.