What it does:

A drip irrigation sytem distributes wastewater through a system of tubing with flow-regulating emitters. The tubing can be installed at various depths below the ground surface.  It generally consists of 6 main components:

  • Pretreatment device(s): Removes the solids from the wastewater
  • Dosing tank, Pump: Delivers the water through the filtering device and into the drip tubing
  • Control panel: Regulates dosing to the drip fields
  • Flow metering device: Monitors the total hydraulic loading to the drip fields
  • Filtering Device: To remove particles from the wastewater so they do not clog the drip emitters
  • Drip distribution field: 1/2″ diameter with emitters in the tubing wall


Drip irrigation systems should be inspected & maintained at least once per year.  Our inspections include:

  • Checking to see if the pretreatment tanks need to be pumped & performing any maintenance required (on ATU’s)
  • Cleaning the effluent filter
  • Inspecting & performing manufacturer recommended maintenance on the drip irrigation system
  • Reporting of data to the system owner

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