Dosing Tanks

A dosing tank equipped with either an electrical pump or siphon, stores up effluent from the septic tank and periodically discharges it, under pressure, into the absorption area.

Dosing tanks are used with all elevated sand mounds, in systems where the absorption area is at a higher elevation than the septic or aerobic tank, and in other situations where pressurized distribution is desired.

The manhole access lid of a dosing tank is always at, or slightly above grade

The pump should be elevated off of the bottom by a pedestal

Maintenance of Dosing Tanks

  • Periodically removing solids that accumulate on the floor of the chamber. (this can be done at the same time the septic tank is pumped);
  • Checking for proper operation of the electrical pump, controls, and alarms;
  • Cleaning the vent tube in siphon dosing chambers, if the effluent level doesn’t fluctuate properly;
  • Checking for leaks and cracks that may develop in the chamber walls, bottom, or access cover.