If Your Septic System has a Filter.

For every service visit an outside water fixture needs to be on, and we will need access to a hose which reaches the septic tank or tanks. (In winter the hose can’t be frozen). This is necessary for proper cleaning of the filter.
Filters can present problems at times. If a filter is not cleaned it can cause a backup in the house. Typically we are finding that a filter needs to be cleaned on a yearly basis. In some cases the filter works so well, it needs to be cleaned quarterly or every 6 months.

We make recommendations for cleaning based on what we find see at that time of service or what has been working so far on the cleaning schedule for your particular filter and system. Household usage and number of people using a system can change. There are many different factors that can alter septic system usage and can cause a filter to clog. If a filter gets clogged the septic tank or tanks can become overfull. This could cause a backup in the house. Steve Eldredge Sanitation LLC makes recommendations for cleaning the filter. We are not responsible for damages caused by backups due to filter clogs or overfull septic tanks.