Septic System Repair

Repairing your septic system will generally involve one or more of the following items from our Service Menu.  We've linked most menu items so you can learn more about what these items do and why they're important.

Install trap between house & septic tank Sewer jet service Maintenance Plans
Install main access on septic tank Camera service Replace/clean effluent filter
Clear stoppage in inlet baffle of septic tank Diagnostic service Drip system maintenance
Install new inlet baffle Locate components of septic system Aerobic Tank maintenance
Install new inlet sheet baffle Replace effluent pump Stream discharge maintenance
Install new inlet inspection port Replace junction box Media filter maintenance
Install new lid on septic tank Replace on/off float for pump Pump station maintenance
Install new lid on cesspool Replace high level alarm float Sewer system maintenance
Install new lid on seepage pit Install pedestal in dosing tank Inspection
Remove roots from septic tank Install new lid on dosing tank Real Estate inspection
Install new outlet baffle Locate distribution box Monitoring inspection
Install new outlet insert baffle Level distribution box System Replacement
Install new outlet sheet baffle Replace distribution box Septic system replacement
Install new outlet inspection port Repair lateral riser in drain field Testing and Design
Install effluent filter Lower lateral riser in drain field Deep test pits
Install new septic system Hydrogen Peroxide treatment Perc test
Electric snake service Remove organic mat & rake sand filter Design septic system
  Replace sand in sand filter  
  Replace aerator  


While we are capable of any repair relating to wastewater systems, we specialize in these menu items.  Contact us to schedule.


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